7 Tips How to Keep Carpet Clean with Kids

how to keep carpet clean with kids living room design 7 Tips How to Keep Carpet Clean with KidsKids give us a lot of joy as well as a lot of things to clean. Keeping carpet clean while we have kids in the house will almost be an impossible thing to do. However, the following tips can be helpful in keeping the carpet clean.

#1. Make an Area

If our kids are young enough, we can make sure they only use specific area while playing, eating, or drinking. It narrows down the area we need to clean. The best will be teaching kids to eat and drink on their chairs.

#2. Immediate Action

The best way to avoid pilling problems or dry stain and spill will be immediate cleaning. Do not wait until later when you find spill, stain, or any other thing get on to the carpet. Appropriate cleaning is needed immediately.

#3. Daily Basis Cleaning

Simple cleaning like dusting and vacuuming should be applied on daily basis. It cleans up things we do not see and it makes bigger cleaning a lot easier. Use different kind of solution for daily basis cleaning to avoid damage and colour transfer on carpet.unique keep carpet looking new 7 Tips How to Keep Carpet Clean with Kids

#4. The Help of Area Rugs

We can try to put area rugs over the carpet on places our kids like best. This gives them extra comfort while doing their things, and it keeps the carpet from any problems like stains and spills. Plus, rugs are easier to clean.

#5. Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning should be scheduled and it has to be deeper than the regular daily basis. We may hire professional if we have the budget. Consult to professional for the procedures so we can clean it through. It may take a little bit more effort to do.

#6. Use Special Solution and Tool

Innovation gives us fresh air. We will find many solutions and several of them are perfect for this case. In addition to it, we may also need to use specific tools to clean the carpet. Several brands are very recommended.

#7. Teach Some Discipline

This also makes the most important action. Try to teach discipline to the kids. Let them learn to sit still on their chair while they eat or drink. We can also ask them to take off shoes before hitting the carpet.

The key is regular basis and willingness to do the hard work. Replacing the carpet for a while is an alternative, but those tips are more than useful to help if we still want the carpet on the floor. Give it a try and make regular schedule.

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