10 Tips How to Make Natural Compost Organic Gardening

how to make natural compost organic gardening ideas 10 Tips How to Make Natural Compost Organic GardeningMaking natural compost in organic gardening way is on trend right now. We can get the material around and it is pretty easy enough to make. Here are several useful tips to help us getting the best result.

#1. Use Appropriate Bins

Yes, we need appropriate bins. We can make or buy it. The keys are on the requirements that include cover or lid, no gap on the sides, and easily accessed.

#2. Place the Bins Appropriately

The bins need ideal place to empower natural process. The ideal place will be directly on turf or soil, in semi shaded or sunny spot, and it needs to be away from water courses.

#3. No Vermin Attract Ingredients

We are going to be organic but several items like dairy product, cooked food, or meat must be avoided. Do not use them as they attract vermin in a blink.

#4. Create Balance on Ingredients

Unless we can get balance on green and brown ingredient, we will not succeed making the best compost. Their volume should be equal to reach the balance.organic gardening for beginners tips 10 Tips How to Make Natural Compost Organic Gardening

#5. Little Damage to Tough or Old Plant

These plants will make the body of compost but they get very slow decay process. The best way to accelerate it is by chopping or shred it.

#6. Circulation and Drainage

This is needed when you make cool compost. To provide enough circulation and drainage, we can first put twigs or stems at the bottom. This is proven very effective and easy to do.

#7. Make Heap Turns

It is no longer a secret that more heap turns will fasten the process to get the compost mature sooner. It is suggested that we do every two weeks or more.

#8. Wait

When we smell the ingredient and we find earthy smell, we should wait for another month or two for it to get mature. After the period, the compost is completely ready by then.

#9. Garden Fork

Besides bin which is not an obligatory, garden fork makes the only equipment we need to use. We will spread and turn the compost using garden fork.

#10. Poisonous Plants are Fine

We can use poisonous plants for compost. The poison will damage naturally. By then, it is not harmful for us or for the garden. So do not take aside those poisonous plants.

Those tips are not the instructions. However, several points are mentioned and they are really helpful especially for us beginners. Learn the procedure and remember these tips for successful organic gardening.

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