10 Tips How to Paint a Room Professionally

how to paint a room professionally 10 Tips How to Paint a Room ProfessionallyPainting a room will be a refreshing change for the room itself, and it can be a huge save of money for us. How to do it like a pro? Here are some useful tips.

#1. Give Some Space

We will need enough space while painting. The best way to get it is by getting rid of the entire thing we will not paint like furniture, pictures, and carpets.

#2. Smooth Wall

Painting result also depends on the object. Check on the wall and see if there is any damage we should repair first. Paint it when it is smooth already.

#3. Being Selective on Paint

Do not pick just any paint with cheap price. We can do better with good quality paint. Check for quality and available colour and compare price before we buy.

#4. Use Appropriate Brush

Paint brush is available on several sizes and shapes especially on the edge. Study the object and see every corners and edges. It helps in choosing the right brush.

#5. Painted Trim

Professional will always paint the trim once the wall is dry. Use smaller brush and never get too much on the paint. Keep it light and simple and be keen on small parts.purple room painting ideas 10 Tips How to Paint a Room Professionally

#6. Appropriate Roller

When we use paint roller, it is best not to get too much paint. Besides it will get too wet, the drip will ruin everything. Roll it over on other place first before application.

#7. Damp Sponge Helps!

The best way to wipe the walls after sanding will be using the damp sponge. The surface of the sponge helps a lot in making the wall smooth and clean.

#8. Give Second Blow

Professionals do not only paint the wall only once at a time. To make sure the colour and paint are solid, they repeat it. Make second coat for perfect result.

#9. X-acto Blade Rocks

X-acto blade makes our best weapon to clear excess paint. Look at every line and edge, and scrape off the paint. It makes your work looks tidier.

#10. Painted Seepage

Seepage makes ugly look. To cover it, the best tool to use is the artist brush and this time we need the small square one. It makes tidy and keen result on wall.

Those tips are not the painting instruction. We still need standard procedure but those tips help us get through several obstacles. So, are you ready to paint your own room now?

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