10 Ideas on How to Renovate Small Bathroom

how to renovate small bathroom 10 Ideas on How to Renovate Small BathroomSmall bathroom may get us uncomfortable. However, several small touches on it as a renovation will change how it looks. We only need the right ideas. The following are great ideas for renovation and change the small bathroom.

#1. Paint It Black

Dark colour makes the small space looks bigger. You can combine it with silver and create icy forest atmosphere with creative paintings. Combine with appropriate tiles too.

#2. More Illusion with Glass

Glass makes the illusion of bigger space. We can wear bigger mirrors and try to change the shower door with glass door. It is easy to clean and modern as well.

#3. Pedestal Sink

This old yet unique design does not only enrich your bathroom interior but it also gives the look of extra room under the sink. It makes bigger look in an instant.

#4. Try New Floating Storage

Several modern designs suggest new model of storage and the floating model is an appropriate choice for small bathroom. It gives more space yet looks so stylish.

#5. Emphasize on Height

We can do this by wearing tiles on a side of wall with motives that shows the height of the room. It makes our attention to focus more on the height instead of the size of the room.small bathroom countertop ideas with built in sinks 10 Ideas on How to Renovate Small Bathroom

#6. Efficient Countertop

We can try to remodel it by placing the storage and towel clutter under. It makes the surface looks bigger and spacious, and it also plays the available spot just effectively.

#7. Bold Patterns

If we already put everything right and efficient, we can try to use bold pattern for the wall paper. It does not only make great impression, it makes sophisticatedly larger illusion on the room.

#8. Smaller Fixture

Try to replace our lights with ones on smaller fixture. It does not only make appropriate size for the room, but it also allows more spaces at the wall.

#9. Make Open Shelving

Open shelving is a new idea where we get bigger look since we can look at the whole wall entirely. It is appropriate for efficient storage as well.

#10. Changing Floor Plan

Small bathroom can be comfortable with appropriate floor planning. Place everything in order, and do not use too many wall sides. Spare some space for nothing to give bigger look.  

Most of the ideas are derived from popular world designers. We can either fully adopt it or adjust it with several more points so it also matches our personality.

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