What to Put on a Coffee Table? 7 Tips How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

what to put on a coffee table tray What to Put on a Coffee Table? 7 Tips How to Decorate Your Coffee TableCoffee table can be a great display in the house. We can put enough decoration to make nice detail for the interior. But what can we put on a coffee table so it makes decorative setting? Here are several tips on items and how to use it.

#1. Tall Vase

This makes an excellent item. Choose a model that suits the interior style best. It does not necessarily have to be glass. We can try unique options like wooden or stone vase for alternatives or other new models too. Being brave on colour is also nice.

#2. Odd Object

This can be many things. It can be a glass ball, small piece of coral, or any other thing you like. The idea of using this item is to express your personality and style. So freely choose the item and add it on the table.coffee table with fish tank in it What to Put on a Coffee Table? 7 Tips How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

#3. Fresh Thing

Put something natural and fresh as well there. You can put fresh cut flowers, a pot of ivy, or any other option. We can put them in the vase if possible so it gives fresh atmosphere to the decor and room.

#4. One Favourite Collection

We may have favourite collection like small statues or other art item. Pick one you think best and put it on the table. If you have a stack of book there too, put it on top. It makes very personal touch on your decoration.

#5. Candles or Lantern

Small lantern or candle, or a candle inside a small lantern, can be nice and inviting decoration too. It gives warm style yet very homey and comforting. Choose one with appropriate design for your interior and you do not have to light it.white coffee table with drawers What to Put on a Coffee Table? 7 Tips How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

#6. A Tray

Make some layers on the table and use a tray for several things like cups and glasses. It makes very functional yet lively detail on the decoration. It does not necessary have to be tea sets on the tray. We can put other things like books.

#7. A Piece of Cloth

Do not randomly choose the cloth. Try to get something nice but simple. You can use ethnic cloth for ethnic room. You can also put sophisticated scarf on modern room.

Do not combine too much items in a table or the sophisticated look will be replaced with trying-so-hard look. Several items are good together as long as we calculate the composition. Explore and try to combine items and define your style. Then, you will have excellent decoration.

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