Top 9 Must Have Tools for DIY Projects

wrenches for hard to reach places Top 9 Must Have Tools for DIY ProjectsBeing able to do almost everything by our own selves will be satisfying as well as cost effective. We will need some skills and tools for that too. Skills can be developed through time. Meanwhile, the following tools are must have items at home.

#1. Wrenches

Wrench is needed almost all the time. Now, we can buy the adjustable one so it is more practical. We can use single wrench for all needs. Buy some more also makes wise choice for spare.

#2. Hex or Allen Keys

These keys are mostly needed when we assemble things like IKEA furniture and several toys. Commonly, we will get several on sizes in a pack. We will need them all for different things.

#3. Bucket

We will do a lot of works using this one from plumbing to washing the dog. The best will be one with durable material. There are options on size, and we should shop just as we need it.power drill brands automatic Top 9 Must Have Tools for DIY Projects

#4. Drill

The automatic one is now available on so many variations and choices. Several reputable brands offer even more practicality on this. It is useful on so many works from hanging heavy drawings to secure loose screw.

#5. Flashlight

Of course, it is helpful on a lot of situations. The best choice for home needs will be the handy one. It allows you to take it everywhere a lot easier while your other hand is doing something else.

#6. Hammer

It works so many things and it also helps us in putting new heels or remove damaged nails. Just make sure that we get one with strong handle and high quality one so it serves us longer.

#7. Screwdriver

Screwdriver here includes all of the available types. We can buy the new model available in which a screwdriver has multiple attachments. We can swap and change them easily, adjusting our need.

#8. Pliers

We need both the usual kind and the long pliers. This tool helps us fixing many jobs from bending to holding nails when we start hammering. Electrical project mostly needs the long one.

#9. Measuring Tape

On most projects, we will need to know the exact size and measurement of the object. We will need measuring tape to do this. Buy one that is available on small practical rolling design.

Now, we should look at what we already have. We may not have the entire item yet. Let us find out what we do not have yet, and get them by the stores.

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