Top 7 Vegetable Gardening Ideas on a Budget

vegetable gardening ideas for beginners australia Top 7 Vegetable Gardening Ideas on a BudgetVegetable gardening is another great thing to have at home. Besides it is totally fun and challenging, it saves us money too for food and cooking. The following are great ideas on this field that will enrich our gardening experience and will give us even more benefit.

#1. Starting Own Seed

Several plants are easy enough to start from the seed. For example, we can try to prepare the tomato seed by our own selves. It is not hard to do and we can get the instruction easily, and it is a lot cheaper too.

#2. Make Own Pots

We can use several used materials at home for this. Small seeds will do well on egg cartons. We can also use the egg shell and dairy product cartons for pots. It is smart and it safes the environment.

#3. Sticks for Stakes

Several vegetable plants will need stakes to keep it growing properly. Instead of buying the ready one, we can create our own stakes using available stick we can find in the garden. It is cheaper and really creative while it looks natural too.growing potatoes in tires Top 7 Vegetable Gardening Ideas on a Budget

#4. Potatoes on Tires

Instead of using pots or container, we can use the old tires and grow potatoes there. This is creative and it will look unique yet really smart. In alternative, we can choose garbage can or other unused things.

#5. Use Old and Leaky Hose

This old thing can help you do things a lot easier. Add some more holes on hose and lay it down on our garden. We do not have to drag it anywhere when we do watering. Those holes already help.

#6. Plastic Jug from Milk to Protect

We can cut the head and bottom of milk plastic jug. Then, we can use this to protect small trees and shrubbery from weed and pests. The clear one is even nicer since we can see through it.

#7. Slide the Newspaper

Slide newspaper under several fruits like squash or pumpkins. It avoids rotting just effectively. In alternative to newspaper, we can use cardboard and we can customize the colour too if we want to. This is cheap, smart, and nice.

Those ideas are derived from experts and ordinary people who have great passion on vegetable gardening. Learning from the idea and try to apply it will be new experience for us beginners. Let us try the idea one by one and see how it brings benefits to us.

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