House Shifting: Top 10 Moving House Checklist and Tips

house shifting ideas moving house checklist and tips House Shifting: Top 10 Moving House Checklist and TipsWe must admit that moving house is one of the most challenging events of life. Being prepared and ready may be half of the effort. Here are several tips that can be functioned as checklist as well.

#1. Box and Material Packing

We need to pack first. To be safe, we should order or buy boxes more than we need it just in case. We also need cardboard for the hanging clothes later.

#2. Separate Cleaning Solutions

Moving means we need to deep clean the old house as well as the new house. Separate those solutions and make sure we can find it easily when we get there.

#3. Batteries, Candles and Lightbulbs

Pack them all because we never know if we will need them immediately there. In addition to it, the new house may have no light at all so bring several.

#4. Separate Our Belongings into Category

Separate things on category will help us a lot of work later. The category depends on our need. For example do not pack, essential, charity or dump, and keep.

#5. Info to Friend and Service

Earlier before the date, we must provide the information that we are moving to our beloved friends and family, and utility service or other related service that will help on the moving checklist tips House Shifting: Top 10 Moving House Checklist and Tips

#6. Make Appointment for Utility Service

We should immediately tell the utility service and other needed services about or moving, and inform them the plan from when to shut down and when to turn on the service.

#7. Watch the Weather

If we are arranging the moving alone, we may need to calculate the weather so we can do appropriate preparation if natural thing happens in the middle of the process.

#8. Insurance Checking

We should find out if we are already well covered before the moving. If it is not enough, we still have enough time to add the coverage. We need the protection for moving project.

#9. Food and Drink Preparation

This is a small detail but we will definitely need food and drink during and immediately after the moving. Preparing ahead before we start will be helpful.

#10. Temporary Storage Arrangement

We cannot bring everything. Several items like jewellery, antiques, and other valuable items may need to wait. We should arrange and book the storage earlier. We must pay attention on term and capacity here.

There are many things we should do. As long as we have the checklist, we do not have to worry that we miss several things. Let’s get ready for successful moving.

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