7 Recommended Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

recommended best vertical blinds for sliding glass doors 7 Recommended Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass DoorsSliding glass doors are excellent especially on modern style building. However, some of us may want to have some privacy behind it. Blinds make perfect solution. It covers enough without covering the look of the door. The following are excellent alternatives sliding glass door blinds.

#1. Classic Vertical Blinds

These are the most common model chosen. The design is simple and it is now available on variations of materials and colours as well. It suits well on almost all interior style. This blind is easy to shut and clean as well.weave blinds for sliding glass doors 7 Recommended Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

#2. Weave Blinds

This blind is a new recommendation. It makes nice choice for sliding glass doors and large window walls as well. The sleek and sheer look gives fresh atmosphere. Several materials are also offered for UV protection and blocking too much heat to get in the indoor.

#3. Sheer Vertical Blind

This is one is similar to the previous choice. It does not only look modern and sleek. It also gives the fresh and clear atmosphere for the room. In addition to it, it is much easier to shut and the design makes an efficient blind.

#4. Single Cell Vertical

This blind gives total cover to our glass doors. This is steady and strong, and it still allows enough light to get in. We can also use this particular blind as an effective room divider. However, it is a little bit monotonous.

#5. Rolling Blinds

This is very common in the kitchen. However, several new models are very attractive, with two tones style and easy rolling, and it is more than great to wear on sliding glass door.

#6. Bamboo Sliding Panels

This kind of blind is really popular. It does not only cover the glass door while lets enough light slip in. It also makes perfect decoration for the interior space. The natural finish also gives fresh and airy atmosphere for the room.  

#7. Built In

This kind of vertical blind makes an effective blind. It suits just so well to our glass doors. It does not disturb the space when we open or close the doors too. It is more expensive but is worth the price.

Each of the recommended alternatives can be used on different interior style. As they give a touch on interior, we may want to consider the final look we want to achieve as well. Try to shop on material and colours as well for more variations and better look.

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