Top 8 DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

bathroom furniture design ideas Top 8 DIY Bathroom Decor IdeasDecorating a bathroom is said to be costly. This is true if we do not know how to make DIY project for bathroom decoration. The following are great ideas to adopt if we want to put some decoration for the bathroom.

#1. Add Embellishment on Shower Curtain

We can just buy the plain one so we save some money. To make it looks sophisticated, use the fabric glue to attach your own ribbon pick. Do it slowly and carefully for great look.

#2. DIY Rustic Towel Bar

We can use leftover wood in the garage and add unused palette to make our own recycled towel bar. It is not only cost efficient, it also looks so stylish and is on trend now.

#3. Repurpose Objects

Explore on our garage and find several objects that we can use for different function. For example, we can use old chalkboard for antique door. Do not forget to write nice things on it too. It applies to other objects too. bathroom shelves with towel bar Top 8 DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

#4. Shelves Made of Crates

Get the entire craves we have in the garage. Fix several damage, it is easy to be done, then pick a colour for paint, and change the colour. Hang them on bathroom wall and we have nice handmade shelves of crates.

#5. Ceiling Make Over

We can try to look up and we will see a spot we never touch before. We can invest on some paint and pattern to follow as well as a few hours of working, and we will have sophisticated ceiling to look while we are bathing.

#6. Old Towel for Rugs

Don’t dispose our old towel. As it gets older, it gets softer as well. We only need to spend several hours to add plastic as base and to knot it. With creative touch, it makes unique bathroom rugs.

#7. Skirt for Pedestal Sink

The area under the sink should be available space for storage. For easy solution, we can sew a cloth into a nice skirt and place it on the sides of the sink to cover the area under.

#8. Vanity Make Over

Changing the vanity colour will make huge difference. We can repaint it, or we can buy just some stylish and standing out wallpaper, and use it to cover the entire surface of the vanity.

Now, we can also have nice decorated bathroom we feel comfort in without spending too much money on it. If we do it carefully, people will think we buy things and maybe have it done by professional. Do you want to try?

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