7 Must-Have Garden Maintenance Tools List

must have gardening tools accessories 7 Must Have Garden Maintenance Tools ListIf we hit the stores, we will find enormous number of gardening tools from simple to sophisticated tools. Meanwhile, there are basically only few tools are the keys for successful gardening. The following is the list of those tools.

#1. Long Hose

We need one that enables us to reach all areas on the backyard. Hose with rain wand is the best choice since it allows us to move without the need to carry the hose roll.

#2. Hand Cultivator

This tool makes a best friend when we need to rough soil before seeding, or when we need to remove small weed. We can buy one ordinary, or the new model with attachment on wooden handle.

#3. Rake

How would we handle leaves during the autumn without this tool? In addition to it, this tool will make very handy and helpful tool to clean beds and others without harming or damaging newly grown plants.dandelion digger long handle 7 Must Have Garden Maintenance Tools List

#4. Dandelion Digger

Removing weeds with long roots, and other difficult plants will be so much easier with this one. It is small enough and we have many choices for handle from wood to steel.

#5. Hoes

Each type of hoe serves differently. Vegetable garden is fine with the standard model. Perennial gardens will need the smaller one. We should adjust the model we buy to the type of our garden as well.

#6. Hand Trowel

We use it almost for everything from digging weeds to mixing soil on pot. The best one will the stainless steel trowel using rubber handle. The key is on the handle. We need it strong enough.

#7. Spade

We only need one for a lifetime actually. The best one will spade made of steel that is completed with fiberglass or wooden handle. Spade with small tip or square one serves just so well.

Now, we know well what tools we are going to need the most. We do not have to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. We can bring this list and make sure we have them all.

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