10 Eco-Friendly Tips How to Renovate Your Home

how to renovate your home on a budget 10 Eco Friendly Tips How to Renovate Your HomeHome renovation seems to be a great and fresh start. However, we still need to think about related issue like the impact to environment. To solve the problems, we can use the following tips for eco friendly renovation.

#1. Purchase Reclaimed Material

We do not need everything to be fresh and shiny. Reclaimed material like wood is great idea and it also makes great material too. We only need to be selective in buying.

#2. No Demolish Project

We should not demolish any part of the house. Besides too expensive, it is also a waste of everything. In alternative, we can deconstruct the house, keeping several parts and fixing the others.

#3. Item Donations

During the preparation, we may find several things we do not want or need anymore. Instead of wasting it or keeping it without purposes, we can donate them so the items will be immediately used.

#4. Energy Efficient Focus

When shopping for new appliances, we can focus on choices with energy efficient technology. The Energy Star logo indicates the appliances we should buy. Look for the logo first for easy step.

#5. Pre Owned Stuff is Great

We should consider buying pre owned stuff instead buying all new. Besides being cost effective, there are too many high quality stuffs like this on store.eco friendly home decor design interior 10 Eco Friendly Tips How to Renovate Your Home

#6. Don’t Replace

Renovating does not always mean replacing. We can change the look by fixing and repainting several items. This is a lot easier and is more cost effective. We can make money saving.

#7. Be Selective on Paint

We should not use just any paint for the project. Paint with low VOC makes the best choice for this. It does not contaminate the environment and it colours just well.

#8. High Quality Insulation

Try our best to get the best insulation is wise. It keeps the house cool enough during summer, and warm enough during winter. Make it best with high quality preference.

#9. Use the Solar Power

We must start to use solar power as energy source alternative. Besides cheaper, it is also a lot friendlier for the environment. Many home technology is available on solar power option.

#10. Hire Professional Green Contractor

If we plan for bigger renovation and we need to hire professionals, we can consider hiring contractor with green program so we do not interfere environment with our renovation.

Those tips are pretty simple and easy to do. We can start now before we get too late. There is always a way to start fresh in renovation while we also remain friendly to the environment.

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