8 Tips How to Decorate a Bedroom without Headboard

how to decorate a bedroom without headboard 8 Tips How to Decorate a Bedroom without HeadboardSome people may not have enough room for headboard. Meanwhile, some others think they do not really need it. Which one is right? It depends on how well we decorate the bedroom. Here are several useful tips to make our own decor to replace the headboard.

#1. Don’t Get Oversized

Several bedrooms are small enough. If we want to replace the headboard with something else, we need to be sure that the new piece is not too big for the room. Make it in balance so it makes nice addition to the room.

#2. Play on Colour

Artwork and pictures are great idea for replacement. However, we may need to adjust the colour. The frame or the artwork dominant colour should be safe enough for the interior colour. Choosing on the same tone is wise.

#3. Try Posters

Posters are great above our bed. We can get one big enough or get two or more with smaller size. Make sure that we get posters on the same style and nuance. Plus, we need a frame for each.

#4. Photos Display

Above our bed makes a perfect place for photo display too. In here, we can also hang several private photos and look at it anytime. Using smaller photos is fun since we can hang multiple frames there.

#5. Match Age

Decoration to replace headboard should also be adjusted to the age of the room owner. Kids can use toys display there, and adult can do artwork, posters, and maybe hanging fabric. Age can help us in choosing the right item to use.master bedroom no headboard 8 Tips How to Decorate a Bedroom without Headboard

#6. Consider Bed Dimension

The dimension of the bed is an important detail to define the right size of item we are going to use. Appropriate size for the decor does not only create balance but also nice proportion on decor.

#7. Make Proper Safety

Since the decor will be located above our head, we need to make it steady and safe. It should not fall down so easily, and it should also safe enough when we get up.

#8. Don’t Get Too Mainstream

We do not have to be really common in decorate the room. We can try new things like lights and window, art lights, unique artwork, and other ideas too. Be creative to make real statement more than headboard can make.

Those tips are great guide to help us finding the right decor for the bedroom. There are so many items we can use to replace headboard, and we only need to use the tips while choosing.

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