10 Ideas How to Arrange Furniture in Long Narrow Living Room

how to arrange furniture in long narrow living room 10 Ideas How to Arrange Furniture in Long Narrow Living RoomA long narrow room can be very common on old houses. They commonly press all furniture against the wall that makes the room looks more spacious but even longer. Here are several fresh ideas to arrange it differently.

#1. Use All Sides

Do not only use the sides of the wall so you have more room. Put furniture on the sides and on the middle. Appropriate arrangement makes the room lively and nice.

#2. Make Multiple Areas

A long room allows us to use it for multiple purposes. For example, use a part as seating area and the other as kids playing area. It is effective and very inviting.

#3. More Purposes for Furniture

Do not choose too many furniture items with the same purpose in the room. Make section, and let every section gets specific furniture as well.

#4. Work Space behind Seating Area

Instead of placing other sofa or couch behind another one, we can put a desk and a chair there, and create small but effective workspace where we can do paperwork while watching the kids.

#5. Don’t Get Too Spacey

This is not only because we only have so much room for the sitting area. We do not actually need so much room between furniture, so be effective and see how it increases comfort.long narrow living room layout designs ideas inspiration 10 Ideas How to Arrange Furniture in Long Narrow Living Room

#6. Don’t be Hesitate to Move Outlet

Sometimes, we are stuck in a specific setting because we do not want to move electrical outlet. Meanwhile, moving one or two may give us the solution.

#7. Use Rugs for Separation

Considering that we do not have enough space, we can use rugs to separate a room. We can use specific rug for sitting area and use the other rug to separate the other section.

#8. Frame the Wall

Framing wall is not so hard to do. In fact, we can do it by our own selves. Frame can be small detail but it makes really smart and practical entry for the living room.

#9. Multi Purposes Artwork

Artwork can be used as separation as well besides a real decoration item. For example, we can put a mirror with artistic frame on sitting area, and antique reading lamp for the reading space.

#10. Play on Colours

Being in theme is great. However, it does not mean we cannot play on colour. Put different colour scheme for each section. Different is fine and we can make sure it has the same tone for safe play.

Those ideas are pretty effective to make the long narrow living room works well. They also make attractive arrangement as well. Do you have any other tips?

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