Top 8 Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tools

swimming pool maintenance tools Top 8 Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning ToolsSwimming pool maintenance and cleaning takes quite amount of money. However, we can actually shop for only necessary tools for it. This will save us a lot of money. What are the tools? The following are the most necessary ones.

#1. Leaf Skimmer

Skimmer is available on many sizes. Several are made with smaller head. The important thing about this tool is strong handle and net. One made of stainless steel is strong but light enough, very easy to use.

#2. Wall Brush

This looks like common brush but it is a little longer. We will find several variations. Several are completed with long handle while the others have short handle. The handle is also available on bendy design for easier use.

#3. Floor Brush

We may think that longer handle will serve us better. The fact is we only need so much length. Pick common length. The more important parts are the handle strength and weight. We should consider buying one with light but durable material.

#4. Tile Brush

This one is just like other brush, small and simple. We will need this brush to rub several difficult tiles. Comfortable handle is essential since we will rub for a while. Rubber makes the best handle.swimming pool cleaning tools Top 8 Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tools

#5. Test Kits

These kits are needed to test several solutions we want to try. Commonly, we are suggested to look for products with effective result but without too harsh formula. It is also used to test the pool pH.

#6. Pool Vacuum

This tool makes the best tool to remove small dirt. Even though pool is commonly filled with water, it can get dirt as well. Pool vacuum is available on several designs for the head. Choose one that will reach corner.

#7. Corner Brush

We will find difficulties in reaching corners. Corner brush enables us to clean the area. It is a little bit different to common brush in which the design allows flexible move, and the shape is a little bit curvy.

#8. Hose

This is the final tool we should have. When we are done cleaning the pool, we need to hose down it so all debris and dirt are swept away. We do not need very long hose. It is enough if the hose allows us to reach all areas.

We do not have to buy the sophisticated model. Several tools are made simple and they already clean the pool just well. We only need to learn how to use it effectively. Do not forget to bring this list when we go for tools shopping.

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