6 Ways How to Install Granite Countertops

how to install granite countertops diy 6 Ways How to Install Granite CountertopsWe must admit that granite countertop does not only look so good and stylish. It is also very easy to clean, and it needs only low cost maintenance not to mention excellent durability. Hiring professional to install it can be costly. Here are ways to install it by our own selves.

#1. Substrate Preparation and Demolition

If we keep the old tops, we should make sure we make it rough and it is sound. However, we need to remove them all if we start from the beginning. Remove all appliances as well and get certified plumber to take off the gas line.

#2. Work on Plywood and Countertop

Once we remove the old countertop, we can use it as a template for the new one. When we get the size, we can begin to cut them. Securing the plywood and countertop will need a screw, and we must make the jigsaw for the appliances.

#3. Cutting the Countertop

We will need to make sure about the size first, and we must number the result to avoid problem in setting. We need all of the granite components including the outside corner and bull nose, inside corner left and right, and 12×12 square granite tile.granite countertops backsplash or no backsplash 6 Ways How to Install Granite Countertops

#4. Setting Up

Setting up countertop makes a delicate part too. First, we need to make mixing on the thinset. When we are done, we can begin setting it up from the inside corner. A layer of mud should also be spread on the back tile. We may need grout sponge in this phase.

#5. Backsplash Installation

When the countertop is done, we can begin installing the backsplash. We can try to set it up first on sections before we finally apply and install it on the wall. We need the joints uniform, and we need it square too.

#6. Grouting

This makes the final step. We should do it on the diagonal to avoid float. Pick the right colour too to make nice finish. When we are done grouting, and the grout is dried, use a clean rag to wipe them off. This gives smooth result.

Professional always makes smooth work on this. We can also reach the same result as long as we take enough time to read and study the procedure, prepare, and do it keenly. The key will be patient and focus. By then, nice countertop made of granite will be well installed on our kitchen.

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