7 Home Security Checklist for Your Holidays

home security systems 7 Home Security Checklist for Your HolidaysMany people experienced a nice holiday but found their house broken into so many times. There are specific things we need to do to prevent crime in the house while we are leaving. The following is a checklist for house security while we are on holidays.

#1. Check All Locks Condition

We need to be sure that all locks are well functioned. Give it several tests and repair the broken parts. Do not risk any part of the house with slightly alright lock. Then finally, we need to lock them all before we leave.

#2. Secure Valuable Things

We may need to relocate several valuable things into safer place. We can put them in a bank or take it to someone we trust. Several favourite things like bikes or scooter should be migrated to the safest place.

#3. Install Home Security System: Light Sensor, Burglar Alarm, and CCTV System

We can buy these things and install it secretly. It will not take very long time but we need to invest enough time to test the performance. Don’t forget to compare the price and save your purchases by using halfords vouchers. Be really careful that unwanted people will see you and take advantage on it later.

#4. Stop All Delivery Services

Secretly inform the service to stop the delivery for a while especially newspaper. Pilling delivered goodies will only code that no one is home right now. We can also ask the post office to hold mail while we are leaving.

#5. Use Automatic Light On

Lights that are always on indicate that the house is empty. We need the automatic switch so people think we are home. We do not have to make all lights automatic, just lawns and several rooms with outdoor face.

#6. Lower Telephone Volume and Turn Off Answering Machine

Do not let people outside know that no one can answer the phone as everyone is in holiday. The answering machine should be turned off too so people think you are just away for shopping.

#7. Ask Help from Trusted Neighbour

We can try to ask some help from our trusted neighbour. We can give them a set of key, our alarm PIN, and our contact details. We can ask them to water the grass and pick up mail too.

Actually, we can add some more points on the checklist. It depends on our situation and condition. We also need to be careful in telling related people about our leaving since unwanted people may hear us. So, think of everything and use the checklist so we can go in ease.

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