10 Amazing Reading Corners Decorating Ideas

reading corner design at home 10 Amazing Reading Corners Decorating IdeasReading corner with appropriate setting and decoration makes a cozy place for everyone. Even though it is only a corner, we can explore on ideas. Here are several inspiring ideas for reading corners.

#1. Small Colourful Couch

We can use awkward space near the fireplace by adding only small couch. Use the colourful one to get some tones, and add small plants or decor item on the wall mounted bookshelf.

#2. Window Reading

Use the hall as a library and put nice carpet on the floor. It puts comfort on the area. In the end part, use the window space for couch. Add some colourful pillows and nice curtain on it.reading corner accessories antique reading lamps 10 Amazing Reading Corners Decorating Ideas

#3. Antique Reading Lamp

If we have a nice reading corner in a classic style, a piece of decoration item like antique lamp near the arm chair will be enough. Choose classic colour as well.

#4. Large Ottoman and Pillows

This is a good idea for kids’ rooms as well. Use a corner and put cozy large ottoman with pillows on it. Reading book will be a favourite routine of the day.

#5. Painted Frame for Windows

Corner with windows already has the best. We can paint the windows frame differently to add some tones, and make an inviting atmosphere.

#6. String Lights and Tent

Use carpet for the floors and big and small pillows for comfort. Make DIY decorative tent and use string lights for reading lamp inside and outside the tent.

#7. Wall Mounted Reading Lamp

Instead of using usual reading lamp, we can use nice wall mounted light. Choose the sides corner for more decorative look. Choose dark finish for soft painted corner.

#8. Oriental Taste

Hang one or two oriental pictures and use small oriental style carpet. For lights, we can use small lamps that look like lanterns. Colours like red or orange will be perfect.

#9. Bench and Treasure Box

Instead of sofa and couch, which is common, use bench with comfortable design and add a treasure box where we can hide things for functional decor.

#10. Floral Prints

If we have bright corners and bright finished bookshelf, floral prints will be a warm touch on couch covers and curtains. Keep it simple for nice yet welcoming look.

Maximizing the space and put enough comfort and aesthetic will make the reading experience even better. Without realizing it, it invites people to read more and this is an educative trigger. Explore and find more ideas.

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