7 Tips How to Clean Upholstered Furniture at Home

clean upholstered furniture yourself diy tips 7 Tips How to Clean Upholstered Furniture at HomeUpholstered furniture is great pieces at home that provide comfort and style at once. However, do we have enough cleaning routine for it? Here are several useful tips to clean upholstered furniture at home. We can do it by our own selves, and we can do it on regular basis.

#1. Use Water Filtration Vacuum

Making sure your upholstered clean of the dust will prolong the furniture. We can prevent dust with additional cover and clean the dust using vacuum cleaner that uses water filtration. Use small attachment for corners and the bigger one for other part.

#2. Take Out Removable Cushions

Several upholstered couch or lounge suite has removable cushions. Take out the cushions regularly and do hand beating to remove the dust. Rotating and flipping the cushion is also effective to make longer life and wear of the furniture.

#3. Don’t Rub Spills

Unless being cleaned right away, spills will be hard to remove. We cannot rub it as well since it will be larger. Instead, blotting from the outside to the centre of the spills is proven to be effective.

#4. Test Colour Transfer

We can use cleaning solution. However before application, it will be great to test it first. Use white cloth and press the cloth to test are for about thirty seconds to see if there is any colour transfer. Change the solution when it happens.

#5. Don’t Get Overwet

Getting the fabric overwet brings too many risks like spreading stains and spills and padding saturation. Saturation provokes bacteria, mildew, and mould. It cuts the life of your furniture and makes it unsterile. Apply appropriate water and solution while cleaning.

#6. Dry Cleaning Only Fabric

Several upholstered furniture fabric are dry cleaning only now. Make sure that we do not apply any other cleaning action but dry cleaning. Plus make sure all fabric are done together at a time to prevent colour transfer problem.

#7. Don’t Test on Visible Spot

We may want to test cleaning solution before we finally use it. Do not test the cleaning solution on visible areas. Try hidden spots and avoid bad look created by colour transfer from the test.

Basically, cleaning the upholstered furniture will feel a lot easier on regular basis. In addition to it, it also allows us to have nice and clean furnishing all the time while it also makes longer furniture. Use the tips to help.

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