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What to Put on a Coffee Table? 7 Tips How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Coffee table can be a great display in the house. We can put enough decoration to make nice detail for the interior. But what can we put on a coffee table so it makes decorative setting? Here are several tips on items and how to use it. #1. Tall Vase This makes an excellent item. […]

10 Tips and Guides How to Buy a Dining Room Table

Most of the time, dining table makes the centrepiece of the room. Choosing the right one can be tough sometimes. The following are nice tips that can be used as guides when choosing a table for dining room. #1. Measure Space and Size Find out how big the space we have. We also need to […]

10 Ideas How to Arrange Furniture in Long Narrow Living Room

A long narrow room can be very common on old houses. They commonly press all furniture against the wall that makes the room looks more spacious but even longer. Here are several fresh ideas to arrange it differently. #1. Use All Sides Do not only use the sides of the wall so you have more […]

Top 8 DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

Decorating a bathroom is said to be costly. This is true if we do not know how to make DIY project for bathroom decoration. The following are great ideas to adopt if we want to put some decoration for the bathroom. #1. Add Embellishment on Shower Curtain We can just buy the plain one so […]

7 Tips How to Clean Upholstered Furniture at Home

Upholstered furniture is great pieces at home that provide comfort and style at once. However, do we have enough cleaning routine for it? Here are several useful tips to clean upholstered furniture at home. We can do it by our own selves, and we can do it on regular basis. #1. Use Water Filtration Vacuum […]