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10 Tips How to Paint a Room Professionally

Painting a room will be a refreshing change for the room itself, and it can be a huge save of money for us. How to do it like a pro? Here are some useful tips. #1. Give Some Space We will need enough space while painting. The best way to get it is by getting […]

7 Recommended Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are excellent especially on modern style building. However, some of us may want to have some privacy behind it. Blinds make perfect solution. It covers enough without covering the look of the door. The following are excellent alternatives sliding glass door blinds. #1. Classic Vertical Blinds These are the most common model […]

8 Tips How to Decorate a Bedroom without Headboard

Some people may not have enough room for headboard. Meanwhile, some others think they do not really need it. Which one is right? It depends on how well we decorate the bedroom. Here are several useful tips to make our own decor to replace the headboard. #1. Don’t Get Oversized Several bedrooms are small enough. […]

10 Ideas on How to Renovate Small Bathroom

Small bathroom may get us uncomfortable. However, several small touches on it as a renovation will change how it looks. We only need the right ideas. The following are great ideas for renovation and change the small bathroom. #1. Paint It Black Dark colour makes the small space looks bigger. You can combine it with […]

6 Ways How to Install Granite Countertops

We must admit that granite countertop does not only look so good and stylish. It is also very easy to clean, and it needs only low cost maintenance not to mention excellent durability. Hiring professional to install it can be costly. Here are ways to install it by our own selves. #1. Substrate Preparation and […]